Mike Kemmling Files for Mayor of Shawnee

Shawnee, KS - Dr. Mike Kemmling, currently serving his third term on the Shawnee City Council, has filed to run for Mayor. The longest-serving member of the current council, Kemmling has represented Ward 2 since April of 2013.

During his decade of service, Kemmling has built a consistent record championing lower property taxes, fiscal responsibility, strong neighborhoods, and policies that lift up all businesses in Shawnee rather than having government pick winners and losers via corporate welfare programs. Over that same period, he has witnessed the council transform from a rubber stamp for high taxes and bigger government to a council that puts Shawnee residents first.

"I believe in doing things the Shawnee way – to me that means defending what people love about our city while standing firm on the foundation that our city government should focus on core services while remembering that it is the people's money, not ours," said Kemmling.

Even when the majority of the city council was a rubber stamp for tax hikes, reckless spending, and handouts for developers, Kemmling stood firm and pledged to continue to do so, as mayor.

"Shawnee residents want to keep more of their hard-earned money and support policies that are consistent with our community values of fairness and freedom. We must fund our police and fire, our parks and pipes, and other core services - but oppose any proposal that siphons off taxpayer dollars and redistributes it to developers," said Kemmling.

The people of Shawnee have stood firmly behind Dr. Kemmling, who faced no opposition in 2017 and won a third-term handily in 2021. In 2019, 72% of Shawnee residents agreed with Kemmling in rejecting a tax increase to fund a recreation center supported by the former city council. In the last two elections, the council itself has shifted more towards a posture of listening to citizens and more prudent fiscal decision-making. In running for mayor, Kemmling - a husband, father, dentist and small business owner - said he was motivated by a desire to ensure that momentum continues.

"The next four years are a critical period for the future of Shawnee. We have a unique opportunity to fully embrace a model which puts our residents ahead of developers, protects the vitality of our neighborhoods, and keeps taxes as low as possible. That's why I'm running for mayor," Kemmling said.

Mike and Chris Kemmling have been married for 21 years, purchasing a home in Shawnee in 2006,, where they still live with their five kids. He earned both his Bachelor's in Chemistry and Doctorate of Dental Surgery from UMKC and opened his dental practice in 2010. They attend church at Bridgeway.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 7th. If more than two candidates file, a primary will be held on Tuesday, August 1st, from which the top two finishers will advance to the General Election.

To Contact Mike, e-mail him at mikekemmlingshawnee@gmail.com.